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Square Dance Lessons and Music on Video DVDs & CDs

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Instant Hoedown 2-DVD & 1-CD Jacket   Our Instant Hoedown 2-DVD/1-CD set has 10 easy square dance lessons with dancing following each lesson for instant fun.  Beginners can be dancing in 10 minutes, making it perfect for schools or a western themed party - no experience necessary!  $30
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  Instant Hoedown discs
Mainstream Reference DVD Jacket   Our Mainstream Square Dance Instructional Reference DVD explains and demonstrates calls 1-69 with music and fun!  This DVD covers the entire Basic and Mainstream Square Dance programs.  $30
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  Mainstream Instructional Reference DVD Disc
  • Professionally made
  • All-region NTSC; our DVDs will play worldwide
  • Praised around the world!
  • Watch sample chapters in the "videos" section of our website.
Plus Reference DVD Jacket   Our Plus Square Dance Instructional Reference DVD explains and demonstrates calls 1-30.  This DVD covers the entire Plus Square Dance program - you will have fun learning!  $30
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  Plus Instructional Reference DVD Disc
Square Dance Party 2-DVD & 2-CD Jacket   Our Square Dance Party 2-DVD/2-CD package* lets you dance with us whenever you like using our DVDs and CDs! This product is NOT instructional  $30
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  Square Dance Party 2-DVDs & 2-CDs
10-pack mix & match   Buy any combination of 10 of our products for just $200 plus shipping! Add a 10-pack to your cart and note in the message area what combination of products you would like (MS, Plus, Party, Instant Hoedown).  $200
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Return and Refund Policy, within 30 days of purchase: Our products are guaranteed to perform correctly or will be cheerfully exchanged. For returned unopened items we will refund your full purchase price excluding shipping.

*Our Square Dance Party DVD/CD pack includes a mainstream DVD and a plus DVD showing our callers and dancers having a great time, and you can join in! The Mainstream and Plus CDs have the DVD soundtrack for the dances - play them anywhere you can play CDs. Dance** anytime you like with callers Paul Place, Gene McCullough, & The Traveling Hoedowners!

**Keep in mind that square dancing is a physical sport and should be done with proper supervision. Be careful not to attempt more than you can safely do - take care of yourself, we need dancers!

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